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More Than Just a Bank

By Randy Alderman  

    If you watch TV or listen to any national radio programs, chances are that you are being bombarded with advertisements from national banks and other financial service companies  for lending services. 
   But what have those national chains ever done for our community?   Exactly.  Nothing. Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.
   When you bank at Bradford National Bank, you are not only getting a competitive rate and costs on your loan in a safe, secure environment, but you are also getting one on one, individualized service from your hometown community bank, without the red tape and hassle, and with the convenience of banking online.

   When you bank at Bradford National Bank, you are also supporting your home town.  You are supporting the schools, little league, Boy and Girl Scouts, the Senior Center, and literally hundreds of other causes and organizations right here at home.

   For nearly 150 years, Bradford National Bank has worked to help grow the towns that we serve with investments, donations, and banking and lending services to your friends and neighbors.

   Those national companies don’t support our home town or any of the organizations that are near and dear to us.  Instead, they take your money and invest it elsewhere, hundreds of miles away.  At Bradford National Bank, your money is invested right here at home, supporting your community.

   It just makes sense to bank at home.

   So next time you are in the market for a loan or other banking services, look no further than Bradford National Bank, your hometown community bank since 1867.  We’ll put your money to work to support and grow our community.

Bradford National Bank. More than just a bank. A community partner, promoter, and supporter.

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Bradford National Bank : A Real Community Bank