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June 9, 2009

Thinking Green
Bradford National Bank Implements Green Strategy at Bank

About Bradford National Bank
Marion Neely, left, and Paul Neely from Neely’s Electric in Greenville install energy efficient lighting at Bradford National Bank in Greenville. The new lighting is part of the banks effort to become more energy efficient and lower the banks carbon footprint.

Greenville -More than just money is green at Bradford National Bank. Over the past few months, the bank has begun implementing a green strategy in an effort to be more energy efficient and reduce the banks carbon footprint.

The carbon footprint is defined as a measure of an individual's, family's, community's, company's, industry's, product's or services overall contribution of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It takes into account energy use, transportation methods and other means of emitting carbon.

At the main bank in Greenville, the bank has installed energy efficient lighting throughout the building, reducing their monthly kilowatt usage significantly. The new fixtures are brighter, longer lasting, and use a fraction of the electricity as the previous light fixtures.

Additionally, the bank has installed energy efficient programmable thermostats for controlling the heating and cooling of the building, reducing energy consumption when the building is not occupied.

All non-security external lights were put on timers to reduce electrical usage.

All told, this saves nearly 40,000 kilowatts of energy per year and eliminates 79,000 pounds of carbon dioxide. To put this in perspective, the energy savings at the bank in one year is enough that a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid that gets 41 miles per gallon in the city, could drive around the earth at the equator 1.79 times.

The bank is also involved in a recycling program with all paper waste being removed and shredded by a licensed and bonded recycling center.

Bradford National Bank president Frank Joy said, “Going green serves several purposes for the bank. Obviously, reducing our carbon footprint is good for the environment, and by doing this, we are also reducing our costs and being fiscally responsible. In these unusual financial times,” he added, “It makes good sense to find ways to operate more efficiently, which is consistent with the core beliefs of a community bank.”

Green Products and Services

The bank is also offering several green products and services to their customers that significantly reduce carbon footprints, printing and paper usage.

Internet banking and bill pay are two programs that are available to consumers that reduce the amount of paper used. Bill pay, particularly, is beneficial because it eliminates the need to use a check and envelope which also saves on the ever increasing cost of postage. Plus, the carbon emitted for delivery of the payment is eliminated.

Another relatively new service at the bank is E-Statement Delivery. Consumers can retrieve their bank statement on-line and eliminate the need to print, mail, and deliver the statement to the home. E-Statement represents a significant reduction in the banks overall carbon footprint. And, E-Statement provides an exact copy of the statements that are currently mailed.

By switching existing customers to E-Statements, the bank has reduced the need to print, mail and deliver nearly 14,000 envelopes and saved nearly 43,000 pieces of paper.

Utilizing debit cards eliminates the need to write checks and saves significantly on the amount of paper utilized by the delivery of paper payments. The same is true for credit cards. Consumers can also have their bank credit card statement sent to them via email.

Bradford National Bank is also expanding its use of auto-debit for loan payments, eliminating the need to print and deliver paper coupons and reducing the need to mail or drop off paper payments to the bank.

Commercial Banking

There are many opportunities for merchants to go green as well by utilizing products and services available at Bradford National Bank.

Direct deposit of payroll allows merchants to pay their customers electronically, eliminating the need to print paper checks and the need for employees to drive to the bank for cash or deposit of their checks. This is an excellent program that saves merchants time and money and is friendly to the environment.

Another new service available at Bradford National Bank is remote deposit which allows merchants to electronically deposit checks at the bank, again eliminating the need to make several trips to the bank.

The bank also offers credit and debit card processing, which deposits funds directly into the merchant account at settlement. By accepting debit and credit cards, merchants eliminate the need to accept paper checks, reducing the amount of paper used and again reducing the number of trips needed to the bank.

Joy said, “The great news about offering environmentally friendly products to our customers at no charge is that they also afford them greater convenience and easy access as well as safety and security. By going green, we are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint and enhancing the service that we provide to our customers.” He added, “The bank will continue to look for ways to become more energy efficient. Everyone wins – the bank, our customers and the environment.”

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