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May 13, 2010

Bradford National Bank Recognized for 100 Years as National Bank

About Bradford National Bank
Lesslie Swip, left, Assistant Deputy Comptroller from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, presents Bradford National Bank president Frank Joy with a plaque commemorating the banks 100th anniversary of becoming a national bank.

Greenville -It was 100 years ago that Bradford and Son, Bankers received its national charter and officially changed its name to The Bradford National Bank of Greenville.

The bank, founded in 1867 by James Bradford and his son Samuel, operated as a banking house until 1910. John S. Bradford, grandson of James and son of Samuel, joined the bank in 1890 and served as bank president until his death in 1925.

It was during John’s tenure that the bank received its national charter.

In February of 1910, John sent Herman Riedemann to Salem National Bank to learn what it would take to become a national bank. In a recently discovered letter to John Martin, president of Salem National Bank, John Bradford wrote, “I have decided to go into a national bank, and the stock is subscribed but I have not received the papers from Washington as yet.” He added, “I have decided to send Mr. H.W. Riedemann, one of my clerks, down to Salem to stay with you a few days to gain whatever information he can in regard to national banking and your bookkeeping system and any other pointers you may be free to give him.”

In an accompanying letter, Mr. Bradford wrote, “This will introduce Mr. H.W. Riedemann of our bank. Mr. Riedemann is the clerk I spoke of sending down for a few days to learn what he could about national banking and who you so kindly agreed to receive. I have furnished him with a bond which he will hand you, and I can guarantee no bank secrets will get out through him.”

He added, “Mr. Riedemann will remain all week if it is not asking too much, and I trust you will receive some assistance from his work, and the information you give him will be highly appreciated by me.”

Both letters are signed, “Yours truly, J.S. Bradford.”

On May 2, 1910, Bradford and Son’s Bank officially became known as The Bradford National Bank of Greenville. The announcement was made to the community in bold headlines in the Greenville Advocate.

When the bank received its national charter in 1910, it had assets totaling $2,224.50. Among the items included in the inventory were a safe valued at $1,625 (which is now located in the basement of the main bank), an adding machine valued at $275, two clocks valued at $10, two guns, including a muzzle loader, valued at $15, a revolver valued at $2, and office supplies valued at $558.44. At that time, the bank building was purchased from the Bradford family for $200 per running foot.

Officers and directors at the time the bank received its national charter were: John S. Bradford, president; Joseph M. Daniels, vice president; and Herman Riedemann, cashier and secretary of the board. T.P. Morey, J. Seaman, F.P. Joy, C.E. Cook, and J.V. Dixon were all listed as directors of the bank.

When Frank P. Joy joined the bank as a stockholder and director in 1910, he began a family interest and relationship with the bank that continues to this day. The Greenville Advocate said that Joy served as mayor of Greenville and founded F.P. Joy and Co.

After the bank received its national bank designation, a new facility was built adjacent to the old bank. The May 11, 1911 edition of the Greenville Advocate said, “The six large stone columns which support the cornice at the top of the first story add an appearance of strength and solidity to the building which is not out of keeping with the policy of the bank.”

Last month, Lesslie Swip, Assistant Deputy Comptroller, from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, presented Bradford National Bank president Frank Joy with a plaque commemorating the bank’s 100th anniversary as a national bank. The certificate reads, “The Bradford National Bank of Greenville, Greenville, Illinois. Charter No. 9734. This certificate in recognition of the bank’s 100 years of distinguished service and contributions to the community.” The Certificate is signed by John C. Dugan, Comptroller of the Currency.

Joy said, “It is an honor to be recognized by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency for our 100 years of service as a national bank. We are proud that during our total 143 year history we have been able to assist many families, businesses and farmers achieve their financial goals. By remaining dedicated to our community banking principles we look forward to serving this area for many generations to come.”

Today, Bradford National Bank has locations in Greenville, Highland and Marine with total assets of over two hundred million dollars. A history of Bradford National Bank can be found online at

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